How to Customize TikTok Videos with Text of Any Color, Size, and Timing

It’s great that TikTok is the social media for just being yourself. You can sing and dance, lip-sync or just smile, and if you put your soul in it, you will be appreciated. But there is nothing bad about adding some extras to your videos, with comments, subtitles, or just some words that express your mood or emotion.

The developers have added rich text editing features to TikTok video editor. Not only can you enter the text you want to accompany your videos with. The editor lets you select when to show it, which font to use, how long for it to stay on, and what color the letters will be. And it’s all made simple enough not to require any professional skills. So you can focus on your singing or dancing, standup show or DJ set, and then just publish your video with minimum hassle.

Let’s see how it’s done. We use the iOS version of TikTok for reviewing, but it’s quite similar (and mostly identical) for the Android version. Just make sure you have installed the latest update. Then all you have to do is feel the style to apply it right. The tools are simple enough, and now we’ll take a closer look at each of them.

Adding Text to Videos

First of all, you have to record and edit your video. You can record it with the TikTok inner camera or import it from the external app via gallery or file system. When the video is ready and processed, do the following:

1. Tap “Next” in the upper right corner

2. Select “Text” option (marked by “Aa” symbol) under the video when you proceed

3. Type the text you want to appear on your video.

You better opt for short phrases, as long ones are harder to fit on the screen. It would be better to repeat the procedure several times if you want to enter subtitles or comments to multiple scenes within one video.

4. Tap “Done” in the upper right corner.

If you just want to add text, no matter where and when it’s seen, it’s enough. But there are various options you have certainly noticed if you have tried this. 

Customizing Text on Your Videos

Well, if you want to get more of your text, you can use the options provided by the developers. There are the following options you may make use of:

  • Highlighting. To highlight the text, tap “A” in the left side of the menu. The text will be white and highlighted by the color you have selected. If you turn the highlight off, the text will be of your selected color.
  • Fonts. The available fonts are available through the ribbon above the color palette. Scroll it left to find the font you consider the best for your video. It will automatically apply to your text.
  • Color. The palette is seen in the menu. As you select the color by tapping a circle, it applies to your text automatically as well.

When you have finished with adjusting, tap “Done” in the upper right corner. After that, your adjustments cannot be undone. If you don’t like them, delete the text and start anew. But you have some more options in store.

Setting Position and Duration of the Text

The rest of the features can be explored intuitively, but here are some clues on how to use them.

  • To position the text, just tap it and drag where you want it.
  • To select the font size, pinch the text with two fingers (the way you do to zoom pictures in your gallery). 
  • To rotate the text, tap it with two fingers and move them the similar way. Release when you have found the right angle.

Then tap the text if you want it only shown in certain moments of your videos. Select “Set Duration” option. It will open a simple editor with the video track and the text track. On it, you can select where the text appears and when it disappears. Instead of typing in the time, just drag the edges of the bar to set the beginning and the end of showing text.

Tap Play to see your video with the text, now adjusted and positioned right in time and space. When you press “Done”, the text becomes a part of the video. Yes, you can continue and add new texts to show before or after this one. Don’t forget the hashtags and captions to dub what you want to say or to comment it. And let millions of viewers see what you share.

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