How To Remove iTunes From Windows 10 And Keep the Music. There Are Three Ways

iTunes app by Apple is one of the most popular applications for listening to music on different devices. Although it is a native app for Apple devices, such as iPhones, MacBooks, iPads, you need to install the app on the devices running on other operating systems. People often download iTunes for Windows 10 to synchronize their music, playlists, and albums on the computer and mobile phone. If you did it earlier and now want to delete iTunes from PC, you are in the right place. In this blog post, we will tell you how to uninstall the application on Windows 10 and not to lose your favorite music or playlists. One little secret, you can do this in three ways. Let's start with the first. 

Approach #1: Do It From The Start Menu

How to uninstall iTunes from Windows 10

The most obvious way to uninstall any program, not only iTunes, from your computer is from Start Menu. Use the following steps to do it fast:

  1. Navigate a mouse to a left bottom corner of your screen and find a Windows icon (a square with four little squares inside);
  2. Then, you will see the list of almost all the programs installed on your computer. Scroll the window to find iTunes;
  3. Already found? You are so fast! Right-click the iTunes icon to see the available options;
  4. Click ‘Uninstall’. 

Approach #2: Use a Setting App

Sometimes, it is hard to find the application via the Start menu. The reasons can be different. The most popular are:

  1. You have so many programs that you need to spend hours, days, years … (of course, the last one is a joke :) your computer does not have so much memory) to find iTunes;
  2. The application is not pinned or listed in the Start menu. 

Nevertheless, do not panic if you did not find iTunes in a Start window. There is another way to delete the application, via the Settings app, but you’ll need to use the Start menu again. Your steps should be the following:

  1. Press Start menu (if you forget where to find it, return to the previous section. We explain it there in details);
  2. Type and click ‘Settings’ to launch the application;
  3. Once it opens, click the ‘Apps’ tab;
  4. This command displays all the applications installed on your computer. You need to scroll it down or up until you  find iTunes;
  5. After you find your target, click it to see the available options;
  6. Commonly, there are only two actions you can do with the app: modify or install. So. press Uninstall and follow the instructions.

Approach #3: Use a Setting App

Not like the previous two ways? Or have some troubles occurred on the row? Do not worry! We have prepared the third way how you can uninstall iTunes and not lose your favorite music. We will do it through the Control Panel. Below, there is detailed instruction:

  1. Similar to two previous approaches, you need to start from a Start menu;
  2. Type in the search field ‘Control Panel’;
  3. In the open window just below Hardware and Sound option, you can find Programs -> Uninstall a program. Press this link;
  4. Then, scroll through all installed programs to find iTunes. Once you found it, click it. Be very attentive not to press another program accidentally;
  5. When you click on iTunes, the menu bar automatically appears on the top of the window. Find there a ‘Uninstall’ option and press it. 
  6. Choose your way to remove iTunes from a computer fast and easy!

As you can see, Windows has great usability and simple interface to allow you to search and uninstall programs within minutes. You even have three choices on how to do it! Share in the comments below what approach do you prefer? Why? And if you know another, much easier ways, to do it, share them too! We are open to new and fresh ideas!

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