Next Official Windows Phone Must be Like This

While one of the world’s biggest software companies Microsoft is busy doing something more important than smartphones, enthusiastic Windows Mobile community does their job instead. I’m glad to introduce you the Windows Phone we really deserve in 2019.

Old Device - New Features

Alright, this wonderful gadget is nothing more than a good old Microsoft Lumia 950 XL! On January 27 a German YouTube channel WindowsUnited posted a video with the test run of full Windows 10 Pro on this device. This fair experiment proved that this device’s hardware (that is 4 years old) is perfectly suitable for a full-size desktop operating system.

Of course, this successful run required quite a lot of preparatory work before the actual launch. Luckily, it’s not the first experiment, and Windows community has already produced some groundworks. Guys from WindowsUnited did their best to accustom the interface to be displayed without flaws and to get rid of bugs in this port.

It’s fair to notice, that Microsoft Lumia 950 XL is far from the best mobile platform for Windows 10 Pro installation as it’s almost 4 years old. This project is exciting from another point of view. It actually proves that Microsoft’s flagship device is still powerful enough through the years. Windows 10 Mobile failed to present this huge power, when it should have done it. On the other hand, Microsoft used to be an innovative mobile OS developer for as many as 22 years. It’s very sad to see a decline of the epoch, but let’s hope that it’s only the beginning of something better.

Microsoft Says

Windows support retirement was announced by corporate vice president of Microsoft Joe Belfiore in 2017. Today, the company behaves quite wisely and suggests Windows Mobile users to purchase new devices running iOS or Android, because MS software runs best on these platforms.

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