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Battle Royale is the most popular multiplayer genre today. Fortnite, PUBG, Call of Duty, Garena Free Fire, Knives Out, and many more franchises fight for the attention of mobile users. Creative Destruction absorbed the best traits of the genre and released them in an original stylish wrapper. Similarly to other installments, Creative Destruction has loads of content to offer. If you want to be competitive from the start, read this guide and be ready to win. 

1. Life-Saving Building 

Creative Destruction developers drew inspiration from Fortnite. That’s why mining resources and building in this game is also an essential gameplay element. If you’ve played mobile shooters before, you probably know how challenging it is to move and shoot using touchscreen controls. Now imagine that you have to build forts on the go at the same time!

If the situation is not too intense, there’s no problem to construct manually. But when it gets tough, and enemies surround you, it’s vital to apply auto-build. This option is available for only a couple of times during every match, but it can save your character from untimely death. Just press the button, and a large bunker will cover you from all sides.  

Building can also provide you with strategic advantages. It’s recommended to construct towers for a convenient panorama. You can also put quick walls in front of your position to defend while reloading or looting. If you run out of materials for building, try to roam in higher places to achieve better visibility and other height advantages. 

2. Training is Essential 

Like any other game, Creative Destruction has a training mode. But unlike the vast majority of them, here training is really helpful. It’s an exhaustive challenge that will teach you how to use all options of the game. You should start from basics when you enter the game for the first time and then try advanced modes to hone your skills to a veteran level. 

3. Master Auto-run 

All Battle Royale games feature enormous maps with fields, cities, and forests. It takes quite long to cross them on foot, and you will definitely meet someone on your way. The auto-run button will set you free from holding the button and let you shoot on the go more conveniently. Moving during shootouts is essential. Never stand still if your enemy has similar conditions. Another important hint is to avoid open spaces and stay close to safe-zone borders while running somewhere far. 

4. Adjust Looting

With default looting settings in Creative Destruction, you are supposed to press and hold buttons to pick up weapons and other items. It takes a lot of time that may be critical in many cases. Fortunately, developers provided advanced options for customizing picking-up mechanics. 

You can automate the entire process or add particular objects to the auto pick-up list. There’s a separate mode for auto-equip with a better gun, grenades, ammo, traps and gadgets, recovery kits, materials, and magic boxes. 

Enabling them all, you let your character grab better versions of current supplies. It’s an excellent time-saving feature that lets you get rid of dull weeding out what items are the best. On the other hand, it may be a disturbing feature in case your strategy implies specific sets of objects.

5. Be an Explorer 

Sometimes an ability to find better gear may be more important than shooting accuracy. There are dozens of buildings around the Creative Destruction map, and they’re all filled with guns and rare magical shields that can save your character. Besides, high-class firearms and ammo are often hidden in hard-to-reach places. Finding them is both rewarding and beneficial. 

When you examine buildings, the risk of an unexpected attack gets much higher. At the same time, you can train the speed of reaction and eliminate enemies all of a sudden. Buildings always attract curious players, so consider it a chance to ambush effectively. 

6. Manage Item Slots Properly 

You can see several item slots at the bottom of the screen. They are convenient for quick access to items in your inventory. The most useful items are guns, grenades, and medical kits, so place them in slots to avoid wasting time. The best setup includes 1 grenade slot, 1-2 healing items, and 3-4 weapons with different shooting specs. As a result, you will be ready to switch between them quickly and adjust to any combat situation immediately.

7. Think Ammunition 

The roster of weapons in Creative Destruction includes nearly all types of existing and fictional guns. You can use assault SMGs, sniper rifles for long distances, grenade launchers for one-shot frags, and shotguns for fast-paced corridor shootouts. 

Dynamic gameplay of Creative Destruction requires player readiness to abrupt changes. It means that you must be capable of reaching out for the enemies who run far from you, shooting them in buildings without aiming, and covering them with heavy fire on medium distances. 

To be ready for immediate action, you should learn the following setup:

  1. Shotgun, UZI, UMP – these guns are useless for medium and long distances, but they’re ultimately powerful when enemies get too close. A shotgun can take off players with 1-2 shots. UZI and UMP have a rapid rate of fire that’s perfect for breaking shields and disorienting opponents with intense fire. 
  2. SCAR and AKM – you will use these assault rifles in the vast majority of cases. They work perfectly well on medium distances and take a lot of HP.
  3. AWP and alike – you must have a sniper rifle to be able to shoot enemies who are hardly visible on the horizon. It’s the safest way to get a frag. If you don’t like playing a sniper, try to replace AWP with any rifle that has an optical scope. 
  4. Grenade Launcher – this big boy can kill with a single shot, even if the missile explodes near the target. Moreover, it can bump off a bunch of enemies who stand close to each other. 

Knowledge Is The Best Weapon 

Now that you know the most useful hints and tricks, you can jump into the battle and be the king of Creative Destruction. Share this guide with your friends and squad up in the team mode. If you know some other helpful gimmicks, hurry up to share them in comments!

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