Angry Birds Not Dead: Welcome Dream Blast

Rovio games studios used to be one of the most flourishing developers in times of first iPhones and the widespread of new sensitive touch-screens. This mobile franchise was so popular that companies like Microsoft begged it to develop a game for their platform. Anyway, mobile game market is a very rapidly changing field, where you can’t be №1 for more than 2-3 years. Guys from Rovio decided to continue squeezing their creation to the last penny. Please, welcome! Angry Birds Blast!

Rock-n-roll is Dead

This release could be a normal ordinary event. There’s absolutely nothing shameful in the further development of a legendary franchise, but guys from Rovio showed their true mercantile faces. The trend for free-to-play mobile games became an essential business model for the vast majority of developers, and it’s ok. We all should understand that developers need money as anyone else does, but some of them happen to be too impudent. And, yes, Rovio is one of them.

First, Rovio developed way too many money-scavenging self-copying chapters of Angry Birds to get the max profit on a hype wave. We have almost forgotten about them and, here it is, one more game! This time they didn’t even try to come up with something unique after a silent period. Dream Blast is nothing, but another Bejeweled clone. Again, it’s not a bad thing as many people would enjoy their favorite Angry Birds munchkins instead of colorful crystals.

The rotten tomato lies deep inside the in-app market. Upgrades and perks for mobile games usually cost $1-$20. In this case, they reach the indecent number of $100. How in the world may something related to virtual bubbles cost $100?


If you don’t believe this information, just take your iOS or Android device and install this tiny application. However, it would be better if you won’t contribute to the number of downloads. Be attentive and express your disturbance to shame those who feel free call you a dumb money-bag.

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