Black Mode to Come To The Google App

Google has already introduced a dark mode for the entire Android operating system. However, not all users are satisfied with the dark grey style. It seems that Google understands it and prepares to add a pure black theme. It’s been already spotted in the recent update for the Google Search app. 

The first pure black elements were detected by Android Police experts. This may seem that Google has plans to turn its UI or at least parts of it into black. The current version of the Google Search app includes black info cards and headers, while the rest of the interface elements remain dark grey. The only section of the app that’s totally black is the Sports section. Experts consider it as a clue for the look of the future direction of Google’s UI design. 

The deep black theme is available only in the beta version of the app. It may be a sign that Google is testing it to update the entire suite of apps in the nearby future. Hopefully, Google follows the Twitter and Telegram experience and implements both dark grey and pitch black. Do you want to get the black theme, or you think that dark grey is better? Tell us in the comments and share the news with other Android fans. 

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