Discord is Down: Connection Issues

If you’re reading this post, then you’re probably aware that Discord is currently among the best chat apps for smooth PC gaming and community-forming. However, something seems to be seriously wrong with it as of writing. In this post, we will try to track down the cause of their connection issues and let you in on further details.

If you’re here, then you’re probably experiencing the Discord-down and connection problems. Indeed, the Discord users have flooded the World Wide Web with the service-down and login-problem reports. These reports come mainly from users who are based in Europe and the US.

We’ve looked at the official Discord Status site, and they’re reporting an ‘internal capacity limit’ problem. The same issue has been confirmed on the Discord official Twitter page. Their experts are currently investigating the aforementioned issues and trying to fix them as soon as possible.

‘Discord is Down. I’m Bored!’

Yep, we know that Discord is your home, and now that it’s down, you’re bored as hell. Perhaps you could take advantage of this free time to leave a comment about the service in the talk-away box below… We’d greatly appreciate that. Your two cents are very important to us.

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