Lumia with Desktop Windows 10 Is a Portable Retro Console

Windows 10 Mobile is obviously a dead operating system, so the most “recent” devices turned 3 years old in 2019. The user community of Windows Mobile still totals tens of thousands of geeks. It means that this platform would continue to live a couple of years even after the official support finish line in December 2019.

Believe It or Not

The introduction statement is not taken from the air. Windows Mobile fan has recently proved outstanding capabilities of his Microsoft Lumia 950 XL. This guy names himself Wall SoGB on YouTube, so you can check out what I write about anytime. So, this craftsman wound a way to install a full version of Windows 10 on his 4 y.o. Lumia. Surprisingly, x86 emulation of Win 10 runs well enough on Lumia’s outdated ARM (WoA) to browse the web via Edge, to use MS Office suite and to play some classic video games like Fallout, Duke Nukem, Doom and tens of other undemanding-but-great retro games. On the video, you can watch how Wall launches the original Fallout and plays it without any serious lags.

It would be fair to say that there are just a few people who might actually decide to spend their time attempting to install Win 10 on their Lumia. Those who think so may use links under Wall’s video on YouTube to browse the official forum of this project and reveal tons of additional detailed information upon this topic.

Some Predictions

Microsoft doesn’t publish any info about their coming mobile projects, so everything is based on rumors and enthusiasts’hopes. Most fans hope that Microsoft would finally launch Surface Phone to save the old tradition of Windows Mobile. It would be even better if Microsoft decides to make a mobile skin for full Windows to occupy such a specific market sector. All the same, it’s not possible to measure swords with Apple and Google without an incredible technological breakthrough.

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