RIP Microsoft Wallet Mobile

As many of you probably know, Microsoft's mobile technologies failed to be competitive on the market. Thousands of applications for Windows Mobile have already stopped to receive updates. The time has come to say goodbye to one more Microsoft’s outcast named Microsoft Wallet.

Retirement Details

The news is rather sad, so the software giant published it on their Pay Page very quietly. Today it’s clear that the whole story of Windows Mobile will end at the end of 2019, but Wallet couldn’t manage to live one more year, so all the servers will be shut down on February 28.

This story happened only due to the untimely measures taken by the company. NFC (Near-Field Communication) technology achieved spreading about 6 years ago, but specialized payment application by Windows was launched just 3 years ago in June 2016. Of course, such a late ignition lead this service to eventual death without any chances for development. In addition to that, they managed to provide the service to owners of Microsoft Lumia 950 XL, 950 and 650 only. According to BusinessInsider research, the 73% fall of Lumia sales happened in 2016 leaving no chance for any services to cover more audience.

Payment services by Apple and Google are the only players that had a chance to involve new technologies. Even such giant as Samsung can’t oppose this fact. No matter how hard you try, the audience trusts only major operating systems.

What’s Next

Sadly, there’s no more mobile payment option by Microsoft, but the main payment system is still alive. Microsoft loves it and introduces it as the fastest way to check-out. Without thinking long, we can assume that this Edge browser driven service is also under a huge thunder cloud. Edge browser is mostly used for downloading Google Chrome, so it may drag all built-in services into the grave. It’s just a question of time.

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