5 Must-Have Apps for Smooth PC Gaming

If you’ve just become a proud owner of a cool gaming PC, you are more than ready to push the beast to its limits. However, before you start putting your new gaming machine through its paces, you’ll want to download some must-have applications most PC gamers use on a regular basis.

Some of these applications are most likely obvious to you (Steam and Google Chrome), while other software is worth checking out — and dedicating a post to. In this post, we’ve rounded up some of the best apps to help you boost your PC gaming experience — and have a blast along the way.

1. Discord: Chat Lobby for PC Gamers

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If you’re fond of PC gaming, then Discord is what you should definitely download and install as soon as possible. Created expressly to serve the gaming community, Discord is a fantastic tool that aids players in communicating and coordinating their actions while playing and streaming their favorite games online.

Wondering what makes Discord stand out among other VoIP tools (like Skype, for instance)? If texting/voice chatting with a small group of buddies while playing your favorite games is your ultimate goal, then both Discord and Skype will work equally well for you. Unlike Skype, however, Discord allows you to run the tool in a browser, as well as adjust audio levels and chat with friends without alt/tabbing to another window.

2. OBS Studio: a Powerful Screen Capture App

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OBS Studio is a great open-source tool for video streaming and recording used by video game fans. With OBS Studio, you will enjoy broadcasting your streams to platforms like YouTube and Twitch. This powerful tool also allows you to share screen captures for tutorials as well as other kinds of visual presentations.

If you use OBS Studio in combination with an excellent audio and video editing tool, you will definitely bolster your PC gaming experience. The software is top-notch. However, if you’re a newbie who’s looking for a quick and easy game capture application, then OBS Studio may seem a bit tricky to you. With all its features and settings, this tool does come with a bit of a learning curve...

3. f.lux: Excellent for Night PC Gamers

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f.lux is a multi-platform tool that automatically adapts the color of your PC’s display to the time of day and i.e. the color of the room you’re in. The software boasts a clean and intuitive interface, as well as totally easy-to-get-to-grips-with features. f.lux is absolutely free, which means you can easily download it and give it a go today.

4. GPU-Z: Monitor Your PC Parameters

GPU-Z is a lightweight tool created for the purpose of providing information about your video cards and GPUs. As a gaming enthusiast, it’s vital that you keep tabs on your computer details, such as temperature, memory, core frequency, etc. GPU-Z allows you to monitor all these parameters without breaking a sweat — and 100% free of charge.

5. CCleaner: Get Rid of Junk Files

If your gaming PC or laptop runs slower than before, you need a proper cleaning application. CCleaner does the job of cleaning our junk files to free up valuable space on your PC just fine. CCleaner deletes thousands of temporary files and various bits of digital trash automatically. Furthermore, this tool is good at quickly identifying software your computer doesn’t need. Keep in mind that CCleaner is super powerful. So make sure you familiarize yourself with its multiple settings prior to getting rid of junk files.

Cutting to the Chase: Play Like a Pro

The tools you equip yourself with when getting your burgeoning beast ready for all the gaming adventures are almost as important as your skills and experience. The apps we’ve provided above will assist you in becoming a very powerful gamer. In case you have other effective apps for PC gaming on your mind, feel free to share them in the comments below. Your opinion matters a lot here at Columnication.com.

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