Essential PDF Readers for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile

Portable Document Format (PDF) is one of the most commonly used document formats since 1993. It’s an open-code format that may include various kinds of multimedia, and it is readable by the vast majority of web-browsers, readers, and editors. However, if your job requires frequent PDF usage, you should know about the best mobile applications for this purpose. Let’s take a look at them.

Adobe Acrobat Reader - Classics

This solution is probably one of the most loyal on the market. In fact, Adobe is the creator of PDF format itself, so they definitely know what a fine PDF reader should be like. This mobile reader offers a wide range of most necessary functions for operations with files. First of all, you can use it for convenient viewing of documents. Such tools as multi-touch double-finger scaling and rotating of the image are very comfortable for document-checking on the go. At the same time, you can add images from your camera roll or any image library straight into any document. As the work is done, send PDFs to printing on any approved printers from your office local network.

This application has Dropbox and Adobe Cloud integration to synchronize your docs between authorized devices automatically.

The last great feature is the converter that is able to edit PDFs and encode them into .docx, .xlsx, .ptpx and even RTF. Unfortunately, this feature is paid.

Librera Reader – 2 in 1

This application is designed to fulfill the needs of users who want to enjoy reading books and operating various types of documents on an everyday basis. This convenient reader supports even more formats than Adobe Acrobat does. The first pack of supported formats goes to reading of books, while the second includes a comprehensive list of options for viewing PDF, XPS, HTML, EPUB, DJVU, and RTF.

For the busiest routine, this app has a very handy in-voice smart reader that can read anything aloud.

Google Play Books –Android’s Best

Any Android device has this fine application installed straight on a factory. Its main task is to provide a comfortable solution for purchasing and reading of e-books. It’s also very good for PDF viewing as it has all the necessary options for that. Although its PDF features are quite basic, it offers a Google Drive integration with one-touch access to a bundle of free online/offline applications for creating, reading and changing documents of any types.

WPS –All in One Pro Tool

This cross-platform office suite provides a versatile bundle of professional in-app options. You can use it for reading, editing and converting of PDF documents and other common formats. It also borrowed some features from Adobe Acrobat subscription pack. The most important is a converter of files to and from .docx, .xlsx, .ptpx, .txt, e-books and other textual and multimedia formats.

Cross-platform features are based on the integration of clouds by Google, Dropbox, Evernote, and others.

Office Suite

This application does almost the same list of tasks as WPS, but it has a cool distinctive feature that allows you to scan documents with any smartphone camera. Camera scanner is able to convert photos into PDF, .docx, .xlsx, EPUB and other files. Although not all features of Office Suite are free, it’s a fine professional tool with unique features.

The Bottom Line

Each of these apps has a certain slant, so you have to choose the most suitable one. There’s no need to purchase Office Suite for simple viewing and printing as Adobe Acrobat does that for free, but you can’t scan papers with it. Choose the best one and become more effective!

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