The Fiercest Shooters for Your iPhone and Android   

Over the years, shooters are still one of the most popular gaming genres. Powerful iPhones and Android smartphones let players hunt down and knock out digital adversaries wherever they are. If you like to put your life at stake online, let’s try something new. Here are six cool shooting games you can play for free.  

World War Heroes

This network action game brings the thrill lover to the battlefields of World War II. The players have a chance to take part in such fierce battles as the Normandy landing operations and the Battle of Berlin. As for the regimes, you can join a team or fight on your own.  Put your force to the test in a dangerous hardcore mode where the first bullet may destroy you.  Create a special regime to play with your friends. Do not forget to pursue daily tasks to upgrade the character. 

Try the whole set of military equipment from tanks to machine guns. However, you have to keep an eye for your supplies and medicines because there are limited uses of them. Those who love games for excellent graphics will be delighted. Each type of weapon is rendered marvelously: detail, colors, materials, reflection depending on the light. Currently, this game is one of the most popular because of its stunning visual features and user-friendly controls. Through the customization, you can make them more and more efficient. 

Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile, published by Activision, is an official version of the legendary shooter for iOS and Android devices. The long time fans will enjoy the spirit of the original game and iconic characters. Furthermore, you can fight across one of nine classic maps, including Crash, Nuketown 2, Crossfire, and Killhouse. 

Classic modes like 5v5 battle, Frontline, Search&Destroy, and Domination are also available for smartphones. And if it is not enough, try the new one — Battle Royal. It is a great challenge to survive in a 100-players contest. Team up with friends to craft a unique strategy, prove your superiority and win valuable prizes for your clan.  

Modern Combat: Versus

Modern Combat Versus is a multiplayer shooter with dynamic 4V4 battles. In the beginning, you will have training with bots to learn how to use a gun, run, jump, and distinguish between friends and enemies. So, when the first battle comes, you are prepared. The action takes place on the territory of the young post-apocalyptic state. User-friendly interface and intuitive controls make the game thrilling and straightforward for newcomers. Futuristic setting and high-quality graphics set the game apart from other mobile shooters. 

Choose your Agent from the list of 17 professionals. Every Agent has a range of outstanding skills and uses a personal combating style. They also have various neat outfits so that everyone can find something suitable. 

Shadowgun Legends

Humanity is in danger again! Only the Shadowgun squad defends people from a hostile alien race. Take on the role of a mercenary who has the power to change the result of the war. You will bring your enemies down through coherent teamwork and functional strategy. Gather your friends and destroy the bosses during the raid. Those missions will make your company glorious and prosperous. 

Create your sort of unstoppable warrior. There is a wide variety of weapons you can use: pistols, machine guns, shotguns, rifles, submachine guns, and grenade launchers. Various skins and specific abilities are available. You do not have to select a particular class that makes your character unique. Improve to complete more than 200 missions in different locations. 

Sniper 3D Assassin

Sniper 3D is a first-person shooter for those who like to act like a hidden, unknown hero. You are a sniper now, and your iOS or Android device is a weapon dangerous only for bad guys. Or not only for them? Aim carefully, completing missions on crowded city streets. The game is incredibly realistic so you can wound or kill innocent citizens. 

As for the weapon, depending on your mission, you need a different type. It could be a sniper rifle, pistol with a sight, shotgun, or an assault rifle. You need only zoom and touch the screen once to make a right shot. From level to level, you have to update your arms. It is not a big problem because you can buy new details for virtual money you gain for a successful mission, daily challenge, and additional tasks. We are sure that even the most experienced player will not be bored due to the diversity of missions.  

Modern Ops

Modern Ops is a multiplayer shooter for true fans of never-ending action in Counter-Strike style. It is up to you to decide whether you want to be a bad guy or play on the counter-terrorists side. You can develop your character during the game, carrying out various missions and updating your ammunition. Moreover, you have a chance to become the best player, contesting with others all over the world. 

The controls perfectly fit the mobile devices and their touchscreens. There is a virtual movement stick on the left side of your screen and the sight on the right. You will also find an excellent variety of equipment and skins you can change during the game with the buttons. Besides, these buttons help to jump, reload, and duck. Additionally, the arsenal includes radar, turret, and bazooka to diversify the gameplay. A bazooka makes your enemies leave a point and a turret helps to hold it. 

Get Ready for Battle 

Shooter games for iPhones and Androids are easy to play but still fascinating. The players can choose from a range of different worlds and locations from world war to post-apocalyptical landscape. Up-to-date graphics with attention to details as in PC games let you feel the right vibe. You can not only pass the time on the subway but also get aesthetic pleasure. Be brave and creative, try numerous weapons and ammunition for the characters. Craft personal combat style and strategy, develop skills, co-operate with friends and players from all over the world. Find something new and exciting? Subscribe and share with your friends!  

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