TOP 10 Android Apps of 2019

Looking for a new application for your Android phone? Need advice? You are not alone: our team understands how difficult it is to find the needed apps today. Google Play store has exploded in recent years: it reached the mark of 2.5 million apps available on the platform in December 2018. And now, when the nine months of the 2019 year have already passed, thousands of new titles were added. In this article, we highlighted the 10 most useful and exciting applications. Stay tuned!

#1: Bouncer

The privacy issues are on hype today. After the Facebook scandal in 2016, more and more people are starting to control what permissions to what applications they give. Bouncer allows you to manage it in a more convenient way. You never have to worry about what the apps are doing in the background whether they track the location or use the microphone. For example, if you want to take a photo from the app exactly at this moment but do not want this application to use your camera forever, you can do it with Bounces. As soon as you closed Bouncer, it will automatically deny access for the external app to your camera. Bouncer is designed especially for giving temporary permissions, and not permanent. 

#2: Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is the home screen replacement that gives you more power for customization. It allows you to overhaul the screens by saving a simple and intuitive design. The app is fully integrated with the Android platform, therefore you can be sure it brings the newest Android launcher features to all devices. There is a big selection of icon themes. Also, you can switch between Day and Night modes. Nova Launcher has an advanced App Drawer: users can scroll vertically or horizontally, add special page effects, and much more. In spite of such a big number of additional features, Nova Launcher is highly optimized and does not influence the speed of working mobile phones. 

#3: Pulse SMS

There are a lot of applications for SMS managing. But now we want to highlight Pulse SMS. It is packed with all the customization and features you could see in the messaging app. The app is completely free, but there are additional in-app purchases. Some of the features Pulse SMS has:

  • Smooth animations;
  • Smart replies;
  • Supporting different types of content, including GIFs;
  • Powerful search tool;
  • Supporting two SIM-cards;
  • Blacklist;
  • Automatically back up and restore, etc. 

#4: LastPass Password Manager

Another issue related to privacy and security is passwords. We have dozens of accounts, and for each of them, we need to generate and then remember the password. Imagine how much easier would life be if everything could be stored in one place? LastPass Password Manager allows you to do it. It combines the password generator and password holder in one app. Besides this, here you can create online shopping profiles and track personal information in notes. The principle of working is very similar to how Chrome remembers your personal login information: every time you want to log in to the social network or another site, the application will suggest you use the information from LastPass and autofill the fields automatically. 

#5: TickTick: To Do List with Reminder, Day Planner

TickTick is a simple but powerful to-do list app. It helps you to manage not only home tasks but also working assignments. The app can remind you about the deadlines, set the notifications, and so on. It is very easy to use. The developers invest a lot of time to make the interface as simple as possible, and, at the same time, do not limit the application in functionality. Moreover, TickTick is a cross-platform app, therefore, you can synchronize the information across different devices. To save time on task settings, developers have added the opportunity of voice managing. Anytime you can get a quick overview of all of your plans in the in-build calendar. 

#6: 1Weather: Widget Forecast Radar

If you want to receive the most accurate weather forecast, we advise you to install the 1Weather app. The application provides you with all the information about the current weather conditions in your location, the air pressure, the level of humidity, wind power, and much more. The application received a number of rewards in different nominations and was mentioned in several ratings, some of them:

  • According to Phandroid: ‘#1 Best Weather App for Android’;
  • According to CNN Tech: ‘Top 25 apps you should download right now’;
  • According to Lifehacker: ‘The Most Attractive, Feature-Packed Android Weather App We’ve Ever Seen’.

#7: ZEDGE™ Wallpapers & Ringtones

Are you tired of boring and monotonous wallpapers? Want to change something? In that case, download Zedge. It helps to make your mobile phone unique and outstanding with personalized HD, live wallpapers. Moreover, here you can find the large library of ringtones, stickers, alarm and notifications sounds. With stickers, you can create your own personal background. All this is completely free of charge. 

#8: Google Drive

With the cloud storage invention, we forgot about the problems associated with memory management. It is so easy and convenient! You can always access the information regardless of device you use. Google Drive allows you to store, filter, and sort the media files, such as photos, text documents, videos, and so on. It has a very powerful search tool. Users can control the roles and permissions they give to people, also, you can see the file details, the history of editing, and other activities. 

#9: Pocket Casts - Podcast Player

One effective way to educate yourself is to listen to podcasts. Pocket Casts is a large podcast platform. It has a beautiful and clean material interface design where you can switch between two modes: dark and light. Moreover, Pocket Casts can be integrated with Chromecast, Sonos, Android Auto, and Alexa. To always stay up to date with the favorite authors and channels, you can turn on the notifications. Simply discover new content, filter it by topics, categories, dates, and so on. 

#10: Google

One more application from the Google company is on our list. With the Google app, you can quickly get the information you need every day:

  • The schedule of sports events;
  • Nearby cafes and shops;
  • Movies reviews;
  • Anything else, you commonly browse on the Internet.

Also, the application forms personalized recommendations based on your previous browsing. 

Share your favorite app!

It was our list of the brightest applications for Android of 2019. And now, we ask you to share your favorite application. Tell us in the comments below a little bit about how long you’ve been using it and what are the most loved features.

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