Ultimate Guide: How to Upload Your Own Sound In Tik Tok 

TikTok has become one of the most loved social networks in the world in a moment. It seems that there are no people who have not heard about this app. In October 2018, the title was recognized as the most downloaded app in the USA. So, what is so great about TikTok? In simple words, the app is the social media platform for sharing humorous, short, and creative videos. One of the unique features of TikTok is that it allows using a lip synchronization, or, in short, lip-sync. It is a technology that matches persons' lip movements with prerecorded sung. How can you use it? Or, in other words, how to add your own sound in TikTok? Stay tuned, and you will know all the common techniques and possible pitfalls. 

Steps to Uploading a Sound to TikTok

Below, we provide you with simple instructions on how to add a song to TikTok. Although this process consists of many steps, we want to say in advance that they are easy. We deliberately divided them into so many steps for a better understanding.

  1. First of all, you need to record the video and, then, save it to the app;

  2. The next step is to prepare the file you want to upload to TikTok on the computer or another device you are using. Please note, that the audio file need to be in MP3 format;

  3. After that, press on the Plus icon in the main window. It opens the video tool;

  4. Choose the movie option and the video you just added;

  5. Then, you will see that your screen will be divided into two parts. The video is shown on the top and the timeline on the bottom;

  6. Find the Mute button on the video and tap on it to silence the sounds on video;

  7. Then, press the Back button and choose the Audio option;

  8. It is time to select the audio file you want to use instead of the sounds on the video; 

  9. Once you’ve made your choice, find and click on the Three-dot option to open the menu. Press on the Plus icon. You will see the sound wave with your track;

  10. Finally, you can tune the settings as you wish and do not forget to save it!

Also, you can rename the sounds. 

Other Alternatives? 

There are other alternatives to upload the audio files to TikTok. For example, you can make it with the help of third-party apps. But it will take much more time. In our opinion, the approach described above is the most comfortable and fast way to add the songs to TIkTok. But maybe we missed or forgot to mention something. Therefore, we need your help! Write in the comments below how you upload audio files to TikTok? Perhaps you still have some questions or clarifications from the instructions above? Feel free to post them in the comments too.

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