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Looking for a quiet, powerful hair dryer?

April 3, 2020

The beauty salon immediately conveys relaxation and serenity. It doesn’t matter how much noise the clients make, how many voices you can hear at the same time; the moment the noise of the hairdryer starts, the rest stops, just for a few minutes, and it is at that precise moment that you can find the right motivation to improve your work and your day.

What if that noise is too loud, too annoying? What if I was forced to hear it for a long time, every day, and it became more and more irritating? The only solution is a high quality hair dryer, silent and relaxing, to return to appreciate that particular tranquility that only a silent hair dryer can create.

The advantages of a silent hair dryer

The hair dryer is an indispensable object for both hairdressers and private individuals, it is unthinkable to part with it. However, prolonged exposure to too loud noise can cause several problems and irritate you, your customers or your family, sometimes even your neighbors!

Drying your hair during the evening hours or during a conversation

In fact, it often happens that people finish late at work or play sports in the evening, when in summer temperatures are more acceptable and there are fewer people on the street. After a hard day’s work, a nice shower, a hair dryer and so on, lounging on the couch: this would be the prototype of a perfect weekly evening, if it weren’t for that angry neighbor who is constantly knocking against the wall.

A silent hairdryer allows you to avoid constant discussions with relatives, neighbors or overly demanding customers. Always inside a beauty salon, with a silent hairdryer you can have conversations even during a drying session, so you don’t have to interrupt the customer every time you use the hairdryer.

Eliminate annoying ringing in the ears and prevent hearing problems

Prolonged exposure to excessive noise causes damage to health, even serious damage. A noisy hairdryer at maximum power produces on average 85 to 90 decibels, but in some cases it can even exceed 100 decibels! In other words, a jackhammer produces an average of 100 to 110 decibels, so it is important to understand what damage such a continuous loud noise can cause:

  • Sensorineural hearing loss
  • Sleep disorders
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Compromised verbal communication
  • Risk of tinnitus and ringing in the ears

To avoid possible health problems and annoying ringing in the ears due to prolonged exposure to noise, it is best to buy a high quality, quiet and efficient hair dryer.

Reduce stress caused by prolonged loud noises

It has been verified that chronic exposure to loud noises (as much as 75 decibels) also causes the so-called “stress syndrome”, with insomnia, altered blood pressure and various psychological disorders. Hairdressers often underestimate these risks, it is quite common for stress to be attributed to other factors.

What are the quietest hairdryers?

Parlux, with over forty years of experience in the professional beauty sector, knows well the needs of a salon (and of the private individual looking for quality) and recommends silent and powerful hairdryers for quick and safe drying.

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